Studiotime 600 SEK/hour

Mastering of original music = 100 SEK/playminute (Minimum charge = 500SEK)

Studio (Edit, PQ-ISRC, CDtext, bounce, burn etc) = 600 SEK/hour
CD master, Red Book Standard, CDR/DDPimage: Album over 30 minutes = 750 SEK
CD master, Red Book Standard, CDR/DDPimage: Maxi CD up to 30 minutes = 500 SEK
CD master, Red Book Standard, CDR/DDPimage: Single CD up to 20 minutes = 250 SEK
CDR reference items 50 SEK/pcs


Example of a total mastering cost:

Mastering 100 SEK/playminute. 40 min = 4000 SEK

Studiotime 600 SEK/hour. Normally 1 hour/album = 600 SEK

Red Book Standard Master = 750 SEK
CDR reference 50 SEK/pcs
Totally, based on: 40 min, 1 RBS Master and 1 CDR reference = 5300 SEK

CDR duplication with label printing. Price upon request. 

Packages (mixing and mastering per song, of us approved audio files) 3600 SEK 

Production (recording, mixing and mastering) Price upon request. 

VAT will be added on transactions within the European Union. Outside EU, no VAT will be charged. 

(Minimum charge = 500SEK)

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